Create drawings from models (Creo Elements/Direct Annotation) > Turn 3D models into 2D drawings > Create views > Set view profiles
Set view profiles
View profiles are a collection of settings that give you an optimal combination of accuracy and performance. For a large assembly, for example, the system automatically selects the large assembly view profile and the graphic update mode. This provides less drawing accuracy but faster view updates.
All dialogs which create new views feature a Profile button. An appropriate view profile is automatically suggested. If the automatic profile does not fit your needs, select a different profile from the Profile list.
Available view profiles:
Single Part: For views that contain only one part. Maximum precision is used, and the full feature set is available. An immediate update is started when using simple single.
Small Assy: For views containing small assemblies (2-99 parts). Maximum precision is used, and the full feature set is available. Some settings (such as thread calculation) are inherited from the global settings.
Medium Assy: For views containing medium-sized assemblies (100-500 parts). This setting is high precision, but does not automatically generate thread geometry, center lines, or symmetry lines.
Large Assy: For views containing large assemblies (over 500 parts). The graphical layout algorithm speeds view updates, and small parts and circles are automatically removed.
Photo-Realistic: Creo Elements/Direct Modeling uses the Creo Elements/Direct Rendering module to generate a shaded view. The view does not contain dimensionable geometry.
Shaded only: Creo Elements/Direct Modeling generates a shaded view without any dimensionable geometry.
Shaded + Geometry: Creo Elements/Direct Modeling generates a shaded view with dimensionable geometry.
NC: A special-purpose, predefined view profile for NC output.
Shaded views can include annotations created with the 3D Documentation module.
You can transfer 3D annotations to views created with the Shaded mode (no dimensionable geometry) by using the 100% Transfer mode. To turn 100% Transfer on,
1. File > Settings > Default Settings. The Default Settings dialog box opens.
2. Expand Transfer 3D Annotations > Behavior.
3. Double-click Create Reference Geo (100% Transfer). The Select entry from offered list dialog box opens.
4. Select On.
You will still be able to modify dimensions' properties and positions.
View profiles are not available for flat views.
When using Transfer Docuplane, you can turn the view profile function on or off, but you cannot choose a view profile. With view profile on, the system chooses a profile for each of your views.
View profiles can ignore the default settings. Views created in previous versions of Creo Elements/Direct Modeling retain their original settings.