Create drawings from models (Creo Elements/Direct Annotation) > Configure Creo Elements/Direct Annotation > Creo Elements/Direct Annotation default settings > Define pen transformations
Define pen transformations
A pen transformation defines a mapping of all elements during a print. It maps elements identified by line type, color, and pen size to a given line type and pen width and printed by a given pen number.
You can include as many mappings as you want in a single pen transformation. New definitions can be addedby creating a newpen transformation style reference which can be saved for future use.
To define a pen transformation,
1. Click File > Print. The Print Configuration dialog box opens.
2. Click Settings in Print Configuration. The Default Settings browser (table) opens with Print configuration settings.
3. Double-click Pens. The Pens of Annotation/Print table opens showing the parameters of the transformation style.
4. Double-click in the Pens column the Style you wish to change.
The Define Pen Trafo dialog box opens.
5. For true color printing, click the True Color check box.
6. Define the mappings from the source elements to the target elements (and pens) as follows:
a. Select the source line type from the Line Type cascade list.
b. Select from the Source Color list which color or colors to transform:
All maps all colors.
Single reveals the Color box; click this and select the color from the table.
Range reveals the Color 1 and Color 2 boxes; click these and select the colors from the Color Selector.
c. Select from the Source Pen Size list which pen sizes to transform:
All maps all pen sizes.
Single reveals the Pen Size field; click this and select a pen size from the table, or enter the size in the entry field.
Range reveals the Pen Size 1 and Pen Size 2 boxes; click these and select a pen size from the table, or enter the sizes in the boxes.
d. Select the target line type from the Line Type list.
e. Click Pen Size and select the target pen size from the table, or enter the size in the box.
f. Enter the print pen number for this pen mapping in the Pen Number box.
7. Continue adding further pen mappings by clicking Insert at the top of the dialog box. A new section appears in the dialog box; define the next pen mapping as before.
8. When you are finished, click to complete the operation.
To move among the individual pen mappings, click the right and left arrows at the top of the menu. You can delete a pen mapping at any time by making it the active one in the menu and clicking Delete.