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Copy a view set to another part or assembly
You can copy a view set from one part or assembly to another. This action is invoked automatically when you transfer a drawing from one part to a different part that does not already have a view set.
To copy a view set,
1. Click Migration Tools and then, in the View Set group, click Copy. The Copy V-Set dialog box opens with the name of the active view set displayed in the View Set box.
2. If necessary, specify a different view set to be copied in one of the following ways:
Enter the view set name in the View Set box Source).
Select the view set from the Structure Browser.
3. Specify the part or assembly to transfer the view set to (in the New Owner box under Destination) as above.
4. If required, enter a new view set name in the New Name box.
5. Click to complete the operation.
The view set is copied to the specified part or assembly.