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Work with groups
You can use groups to ensure preservation of your annotations' relative positions. With annotation groups, if you change your 3D model, you need not reposition existing annotations after updating views in the Creo Elements/Direct Annotation module.
To create or modify a group,
1. Click Annotation and then, in the Annotate group, click More.
2. Click Define Group in the Group section. The Define Group dialog box opens.
3. Add or remove text elements, symbols, or dimensions:
To add a new group member or remove a current group member, click a text element, symbol, or dimension in the viewport.
The first text element, symbol, or dimension you add to a group is the master element, and cannot be removed except by Remove all.
A group can contain only a single dimension, but multiple text elements and multiple symbols.
If a group contains a dimension, it automatically becomes the master element.
A group may contain only one master element.
4. Click to complete the operation.
Each element can belong to only one group.
You cannot group elements from different views.