Create drawings from models (Creo Elements/Direct Annotation) > Creo Elements/Direct Annotation tools > Apply a grid
Apply a grid
You can apply a dotted or lined grid to the Creo Elements/Direct Annotation Viewport. A grid can help you align drawing elements on the sheet, or it can act as guidelines when creating additional geometry. Creo Elements/Direct Annotation displays the active grid setting as follows: In the bottom right area of the user interface; the grid setting at start-up is no grid.
To open the Grid Settings dialog box, click File > Settings > Grid.
To display a grid, click Use Grid on the Grid Settings dialog box.
By default, Creo Elements/Direct Annotation includes the intersection points of grid lines as catch targets for clicks in the viewport. However, you can turn this mode off with the Catch tool.
Note that grids are not printed.
To set the attributes of the grid,
1. Open the Grid Settings dialog box.
2. If necessary, click Use Grid.
3. Set one or more of the grid attributes:
Click Dots on for a grid composed of dots at the grid intersection points.
Click Lines on for a grid composed of lines.
Enter the distance between the grid lines or dots in the Distance box.
Click Color and specify the color of the grid in the Color Selector dialog box.
Select the type of grid lines in the Line Type cascade list. (This option is grayed out when Dots is selected.)
4. Click to accept the settings.
You can see the changes to the grid's appearance while you are setting its attributes.