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Box-select elements
For many commands in Creo Elements/Direct Annotation, you can use the Select tool to help specify the particular element to be acted upon, or create a list of required elements.
Additionally, you can often select a group of elements in the viewport with a selection box. When performing an action on several existing elements, for example, geometry or dimensioning, you can click two corner points to define a rectangle surrounding the elements to modify. All relevant elements contained completely in the box are affected. A selection box creates the equivalent of a selection list.
A selection box can also be used when creating dimensioning. See Create a dimension for details about using selection boxes with different types of dimensioning.
You can edit the Fix text of a group of dimension texts in one operation:
1. Click Annotation and then, in the Annotate group, click the arrow next to Properties.
2. Click Dimension. The Dimension Properties dialog box opens.
3. Click Fix Text.
4. Click two corner points to define a selection box around all the dimension texts to edit. Note that only texts completely within the box are selected.
5. Enter the new fixes in the Prefix, Postfix, Subfix, and Superfix boxes.
6. Click Close to complete the operation.
The selected dimensioning takes the new fixes.