Create drawings from models (Creo Elements/Direct Annotation) > Drawings
Creo Elements/Direct Annotation stores drawings in the compressed MI format including information about the association with a 3D model. To add new views to a loaded drawing, you need to load the associated model into Creo Elements/Direct Modeling as well.
To store drawings in the uncompressed MI format,
1. Click File > Settings > Default Settings. The Default Settings browser opens.
2. Expand the Filing section and double-click Store Drawing Compressed.
3. Clear the Store Drawing Compressed check box.
However, storing drawings in an uncompressed format can lead to significantly increased file sizes, especially when OLE data or pictures are used.
If you try to load a drawing while one is already loaded, you receive the following warning:
Loading a drawing will destroy all your current data in the Annotation Module. Save data before executing command.
If necessary, click Cancel and save the current drawing, otherwise click Continue. A newly-loaded drawing will replace the current one.
Files that are not Creo Elements/Direct Annotation drawing files cannot be loaded as drawings. This includes sheets exported to the MI format in Creo Elements/Direct Annotation and MI files generated by Creo Elements/Direct Drafting.
You can also load files by dragging and dropping them into Creo Elements/Direct Annotation.
Save drawings
Creo Elements/Direct Annotation saves drawings in the MI format including information about its association with a 3D model. To retain the association, you must save the model as well as the drawing.
If you specify the filename of an existing drawing when saving the current one, Creo Elements/Direct Annotation asks you whether to overwrite the existing file or cancel the operation.
You can save drawing files in the file format of earlier versions of Creo Elements/Direct Annotation. Files saved in this way are readable in that revision of Creo Elements/Direct Annotation. To save in this mode, select from the File Version drop-down list in the Save file browser.