Create drawings from models (Creo Elements/Direct Annotation) > Configure Creo Elements/Direct Annotation > Creo Elements/Direct Annotation default settings > Set dimensioning defaults > Dimension Catch & Check settings
Dimension Catch & Check settings
Click File > Settings > Dimension > Dim Global Settings to access the Catch & Checks settings. See the Description column for information on each setting. The Default Settings browser opens. Expand Catch & Checks.
You can change the following:
Catch Lines
Box Select
Catch Range
Cursor Position
Old Alignment
Insert Catch Center
Insert Check and Remove Check
When the dimension placement mode is set to Automatic, Creo Elements/Direct Annotation can perform intersection testing to help ensure that new or repositioned dimensioning does not overlap existing drawing elements.
You can direct Creo Elements/Direct Annotation to perform intersection testing when inserting a dimension in a group and/or when removing a dimension from a group.