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64-bit support
Take full advantage of 64-bit Windows editions and wield more power against your large assemblies with 64-bit support for Creo Elements/Direct Annotation. If your computer contains 64-bit architecture, you can install the 64-bit version of Creo Elements/Direct Modeling.
To support 64-bit hardware, we changed the way some INQs (inquiries) store their data, and introduced some new INQ numbers for manipulating pointers on the 64-bit platform. When you use LISP code in 64-bit Creo Elements/Direct Annotation, you must pass pointers as strings when calling macro commands.
64-bit usages of INQ numbers for passing pointers:
All types:
INQ 332 replaces INQ 2
INQ 333 replaces INQ 3
INQ 334 replaces INQ 4
INQ 320 replaces INQ 20
INQ 321 replaces INQ 21
INQ 328 replaces INQ 22
INQ 329 replaces INQ 23
INQ 330 replaces INQ 24