Defining Exclusive Gateway Conditions
In order to define a condition on a connector, you must connect an Exclusive Gateway shape to a task and enter information for the following fields:
The order in which the process evaluates the conditions. The first condition to match is chosen.
The text that displays on the connector.
Use the Expression Builder to create one or more expressions for the condition. Select an Operand and an Operator, then enter a value.
The following properties are available for the Operand.
  • activeStep—ID of the active step (STRING)
  • createdDate—Date the business process instance was created (DATETIME)
  • eventInfo—Information about the event that initiated this business process instance (INFOTABLE with “Event” data shape)
  • initiator—The Tthing that initiated this business process instance (THINGNAME)
  • isCanceled—Flag indicating if the business process instance is canceled (BOOLEAN)
For information on properties, see the ThingWorx help center.
Select the checkbox to select which conditions should be set as the default.
Only one condition can be set as the default.