3D Modeling Software

Direct and Parametric Modeling Approaches to 3D CAD

3D modeling is at the forefront of product innovation and design. Using the right 3D CAD modeling software enables you to create and modify 3D designs quickly and flexibly – optimizing your design process.

Built from the elements of Pro/ENGINEER, the first and the most innovative parametric 3D CAD modeling system and CoCreate, the world’s leading and most robust 3D direct modeling software, Creo delivers the best of both 3D CAD paradigms. Offering an unprecedented level of interoperability, Creo eliminates the need to choose between parametric or direct modeling – allowing you to decide which process makes the most sense for your business. Leveraging the strengths of direct and parametric approaches to 3D CAD modeling, Creo enables you to:

  • Create faster, easier design cycles
  • Adapt to unpredictable design changes
  • Work seamlessly between multiple sources of CAD data
  • Increase sharing capabilities and reduce information bottlenecks

Offering a broad set of integrated design modules, Creo gives additional capabilities to meet all your specialized modeling needs.