PTC Email Newsletter
May 30, 2001

This Weeks Topics:

A) PTC Product Focus: Pro/ENGINEER Integerated PhotoRender

B) Tip of the week: Create a Photorendered Image

A) PTC Product Focus:  Pro/ENGINEER Integrated PhotoRender

Pro/PHOTORENDER provides easy access to all the tools needed to quickly create accurate, photorendered images of Pro/ENGINEER parts and assemblies.  This product is ideal for sales and marketing communication opportunities.

Key Product Features

Photorealistic images allow designers to:

B) Tip of the week: Create a Photorendered Image

In order to access this tutorial you will need to have access to PTC online support.  If you do not have access, you can start by signing up for an online account.  You will need to know a Configuration ID or a Sales Order Number to register.

Integrated PhotoRender Tutorial.

Suggested Technique for Creating a Slide Show of Images

There are other Tips and Techniques that may be pertinent and can be found
in PTC's Technical Support Knowledge Base.