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May 14, 2001



A) PTC Product Focus:  Pro/CABLING

B) Today's technical tip's: Speed Tips
C) Announcements

D) Upcoming Events and Training Class Schedules

A) PTC Product Focus:Pro/CABLING

In a large percentage of designs, the mechanical design world meets the electrical world.Pro/CABLING, coupled with Routed Systems Designer (RSD), provides the mechanical engineer with the ability to assemble wire harnesses, and either create unique wiring diagrams or collaborate with pre-existing ones.How useful is this?

Check it out HERE!

B) Tip of the week: Speed Tips

Here are some tips that will help reduce regeneration and rendering time when using Pro/Engineer. In most situations when using medium to large model it is not necessary to see or have access to all features. Work planning can also help by reduce the need to switch back and forth between different parts of the model.


Config Options that improve performance Option 





Doesn't spin datums etc






Avoids the animated rotation to sketch view



Avoids the animated rotation to sketch view



Writing to a local directory is quicker than writing to a network drive



Writing to a local directory is quicker than writing to a network drive



Writing to a local directory is quicker than writing to a network drive. Network traffic can cause incomplete plots if this is not set.




Simplified Representations

Create simplified reps using only the required components.

Component Display

Use component display to blank off components - simplified reps are better because they can be used in other assemblies and retrieved into session bypassing the need to load the master rep.


Use layers to blank components. Add component to a layer then blank that layer.


Set the environment setting to thin to improve rendering speed.

Spin objects when shaded

Shaded objects will spin quicker than wireframe because of graphics cards are optimized for shading rather than wireframe.

Rendering config options Option 





Speeds up spinning by showing reduced detail (can be set in View, Performance)



(0- BRICK 100-FULL DETAIL) 20 is a good starting point




Read Only

Set features that are static to read only. This will stop them regenerating. Feature, Read Only, Select pick feature to make read only (Note: all features before that selected will also become read only). Use Feature, Read Only, Clean to remove the read only setting.


Suppress Components

Suppress components to save rendering and regeneration time.


Replace complex parts using the envelope functionality.

Interchange Assemblies

Interchange assemblies can be created to swap complex components with simpler representations. Interchange assemblies are superficially similar to envelope parts.

Simplified Representations

Graphic and geometry reps can be used to reduce regeneration times.

Work Regions

Create work regions (used by simplified reps) to localize working are to a small part of the model.

Avoid Auto Regeneration

Regenerate only the affected items then do an auto-regeneration when modifications are complete.


Erase Views

The display of erased views does not need to be calculated. Resume the views before plotting.

Avoid Simplified Reps on drawings

Simplified reps slow down drawings. As an alternative use add model to add sub-assemblies or use member display to remove components from views.

Minimize retrieval time when plotting

Use View Only retrieve. The option "save_display" must be set to "yes" prior to saving the drawing.

Config Options to speed up drawings. Option 





Enables referencing to geometry reps in drawings. Modifying the model may remove model references and also remove referenced entities in Drawing mode.



Drawings will not automatically regenerate when changing windows.



Fastest display when creating a view because no silhouette edges are  shown.



Improves display time. Cylindrical edges are not shown.



Speeds up display when placing a view because no model appears until a  view name or Default is selected.



Views appear in wireframe regardless of environment display settings.



Prevents the overlap of menus that causes Pro/ENGINEER to repaint.



Decreases retrieval time for objects in Pro/ENGINEER memory.



System saves display information when saving a drawing. This will improve retrieval time when using View Only Retrieve.



Views are displayed quicker because tangent lines are not calculated.



On really large models it can become necessary to use more involved methods to create geometry reference parts. These use the copygeom functionality to capture a geometry snapshot of a large model, the snapshot can be updated when required. The copygeom requires an additional assembly to relate the copy and original part together (this requirement will disappear from v21 when copygeoms will be created directly between parts). See SAVING TIME WHEN USING LARGE MODELS AS REFERENCES (copygeom)

Note: it is advisable to create the copygeom before using the complex part in assemblies because the copygeom and original will have to be swapped.

C) Announcements


Please join us for our Charity golf tournment, view the details.

Thanks for joining us February 28 User Group Meeting! 
We all had a great time. Review our event with the Photos

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Announces their new online ProE class starting on the January 23, 2001
Contact: Pat Lussier of CSUF  Extended Education Marketing


The 2001 Pro/USER International Conference
The world's premier technical event for PTC customers
June 17-20, Reno Hilton Reno, NV 
More Info Click Here


We have been eagerly anticipating the debut of the new electronic version of
Profiles Magazine and now it is here!  This new web site will supplement the
print edition of the magazine and will provide new useful features not
feasible with paper media.  e-Profiles will provide you with 24X7, worldwide
access to key information previously available exclusively in the print
version.  "Tips & Tricks," a popular feature pioneered by Pro/USER, has also
moved to the web and will be expanded as the site matures.  Future plans
include several foreign-language editions of Profiles for our many
international readers. Currently, Profiles is printed in English and

Please take a few minutes to check out this new web site. We don't think you
will be disappointed.

D) Upcoming Events & Training Schedule:

San Diego User Group Meeting:

The next User Group meeting is slated for Wednesday May 23rd. The event will rollout Pro/ENGINEER 2001 and should run from 9:00AM to 3:30PM with breakout sessions on a variety of topics

Los Angeles User Group Meeting:

July 19, 2001 User Group meeting
Petersen Automotive Museum.
Details and sign-up click here

Keynote Speaker, Dennis Stajic
  e-Learning for Pro/ENGINEER
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Southern California Training Schedule:

Newport Beach & San Diego:

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2001 06/04 

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2001 06/18 

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2001 05/14 

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2001 05/29 

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2001 06/20 

Cable Harness Design and Manufacturing Training

2001 06/25 

2001 05/16 

2001 05/21 

2001 05/29 



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