PTC Email Newsletter
April 02, 2001

This Weeks Topics:

A) PTC Product Focus:  Pro/Engineer 2000i2

B) Tips of the week:

       Replacing the Default Mapkey Icon Image with a Windows OS Icon Image. Option to Change Drawing File Text Editor.

C) Upcoming Events and Training Class Schedules

A) PTC Product Focus:  Pro/Engineer 2000i2

Many of our customers are still using Pro/Engineer 2000i or have just changed to 2000i2.
Included in this email newsletter is a document showing some of the changes that have occurred
from 2000i to 2000i2.


If you do not have Adobe Acrobat Reader you can download it by clicking on the link below…


B) Tips of the week:

Beginning with Release 2000i of Pro/ENGINEER, the default mapkey icon image can be
replaced with a Windows OS icon image.

Complete the following steps to replace a mapkey icon image with a Windows OS icon image:

1) Open a Windows OS application, such as Microsoft Word.

2) Select #Tools #Customize.

3) Under the "Toolbars" tab, put a checkmark next to any of the toolbar names. This will
     bring up a pop-up window of the toolbar that was checked. For example, putting a checkmark next to
     "Microsoft" will bring up a toolbar with various Microsoft Application icons, such as Excel and
     Power Point.

4) From the pop-up window, right click on the desired icon and select "Copy Button Image".
     This will copy the icon image to the clipboard.

5) In Pro/ENGINEER, create a mapkey.

6) Select #Utilities #Customize Screen.

7) Select the "Commands" tab.

8) Select the mapkey category and highlight the mapkey icon whose image will be modified.

9) Click on "Modify Selection", then "Paste Button Image". This will replace the default
     mapkey icon image with the image that was copied to the clipboard.

Note: To change the mapkey icon image back to the default, highlight the icon and select
"Modify Selection", "Reset Button Image". Option to Change Drawing File Text Editor.

You can customize the way Pro/ENGINEER handles many of its operations by defining values for
configuration options in text-based configuration file.

One example is changing the text editor Pro/Engineer uses to edit drawing text (Modify-Text-Full Note).
by adding the option "pro_editor_command". The value of this is that text editors like
Microsoft Word can be used to modify notes which will give additional functionality like performing spell checks.

C) Upcoming Dates: Events and Training Class Schedules
Updated: April 02, 2001

PTC Innovation Days!!! (Product Development Workshops)

Accelerate your product design and development!

Denver, CO - May 16 or 17th

Hotel Boulderado
2115 13th Street
Boulder, CO 80302
Phone: 303-442-4344

To Register for the event select on the link below 

Attendees receive a FREE seat of Pro/Engineer 2001, the student edition!!! (Scheduled release May, 2001)

Colorado Spring User Group Meeting

Colorado Springs, CO - April 12th (3:00 to 5:00 PM)

Compaq Computer Corporation
301 Rockrimmon Boulevard South
Colorado Springs, CO


Denver (Englewood, Co.) Training Schedule:


Effective immediately, from now until May 31, 2001 we have been authorized to offer a
10% discount on all MCAD training classes held in the Englewood, CO training center.

Terms and Conditions:

-Offer good on all MCAD classes from now until May 31, 2001.
-Offer good for classes held in the PTC Englewood, CO training center ONLY
-Offer is also valid for customers with previously negotiated contract discounts!

Start Date

Course Title


Registration Info

2001 04/16 

Introduction to Pro/Engineer

Englewood (CO)

Request Registration


2001 04/23

Pro/Intralink Administrator Training

Englewood (CO)

Request Registration


2001 04/30

Fundamentals of Pro/Mechanica Structure/Thermal Training

Englewood (CO)

Request Registration


2001 05/21

Introduction to Windchill

Englewood (CO)

Request Registration


2001 05/23

Administer the Windchill System

Englewood (CO)

Request Registration


2001 06/19

Administer Windchill Workflow

Englewood (CO)

Request Registration


**Courses can be started with a minimum of 5 people if the class is not listed above.

Click here to register for any class!

Note: This weekly PTC email will continue to be used for the following:

1) Inform you of events related to PTC products. (user groups, conferences, training schedules, etc.)

2) Educate you on products that are available at PTC

3) Tips and Techniques using PTC products