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2011/2012 - RWDC Transportation Getting Started Page

What should my team do to get started?

Step 1: The easiest way to get your team prepared for this challenge is to review the RWDC Transportation Coaches Handbook.  The handbook will outline the details for this challenge and what your team is expected complete. 

Step 2: As with previous years, the success of a team to solve the given challenge is through the partnership of a mentor.  To help your team find a mentor, the RWDC committee has authored a mentor spreadsheet divided by the mentors area of expertise.  Please review the spreadsheet and contact a mentor to get started.  Contact a mentor as soon as possible.

Step 3: Access PlanetPTC and build networks with fellow team members, review discussion board, blogs, documents and videos.

Step 4: Download the applications that will be used for this years challenge

Step 5: Complete the RWDC Getting Started Course

Step 6: Student Survey - Please have parents or guardians of participating students review the parent information form and the students complete the following survey.

2011-2012 -  RWDC Challenge Resources

RWDC Installation Videos - Teams will be using a range of products during this years competition.  To assist team with installation procedures, please review the videos below for assistance.

Training and Support Resources 

Download the RWDC Surface Design Kit.  This kit contains all the materials (Baseline assembly including ground and bus chassis, mathcad worksheets, and other resources) for your team to design your motor coach.

Download the RWDC Surface Competition Scoring Spreadsheet.  This scoring rubric will help clarify how your entries will be evaluated by the judges.

For assistance, please send your questions to or visit the RWDC home page @

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