How to Convert MI File Colors Permanently in the Fluent Interface

Product: Creo Elements/Direct Drafting
Release: 18.1
Technical Area: CoCreate Drafting



With Creo Elements/Direct Drafting 18.0, PTC introduced a new fluent user interface, much like the one that you see in current Microsoft products. In revision 18.0, MI files that were created by using earlier releases of Creo Elements/Direct Drafting could be used in either the former CoCreate color scheme or the Creo color scheme with the new fluent UI. The color of the geometry was not changed, but the color scheme of the new fluent UI put a color filter on the MI files in order to make a display possible. This could lead to problems when you select colors.

Example: Suppose that a simple mi file contains black and white lines, and then the setting is changed to Creo Colors.

In the command line, when the user types:

the unexpected result is that, although the circles appear black, they are deleted because the color attribute is still white.



A new command, Color Conversion, was introduced in revision 18.1.

To convert the colors of MI files permanently, follow these steps:


To apply stored color conversion settings to other drawings:

Load the drawing, and enter the following in the command line:

APPLY_COLOR_MAP ‘part name’path and filename

Where ‘part name’ is for example ‘Top’ and where “path and filename” represents the full path and file name of the color conversion file.


Sample Color Conversion

·        PartId is set to sub part (only a sub part appears on the preview).

·        Preview is set to Target.

·        Background is set to Creo (background appears white).

·        Preset is set to CoCreate to Creo.