Easier and faster modeling with new PULL command and its “DIAMONDS”

Product: Creo Elements/Direct Modeling
Release: 17.00
Technical Area: Base Functionality


CoCreate Modeling 17.0 introduces a new command, Pull. With Pull you can add or remove material from 2D profiles and 3D faces. This new command replaces five legacy commands, making your design work simpler and more intuitive.

Working with Pull is easy. But the more you know about it, the more power you can get from it. For example, when you click on Pull "diamonds," you can freely define the Pull direction and axis in space, without the need for creating any further geometry.

Launch the Pull command

Activate the Pull command from the mini-toolbars on a workplane or a selected face (Fig. 1). From the mini-toolbar, you'll select a Linear or Angular Pull (described below). Once the Pull command is active, you can use the Option toolbar to change preselected profiles or faces, toggle from linear to angular Pull, and more.

Use Pull for 2D profiles and 3D Faces

The Pull command works with one or more profiles in a workplane (Fig. 2) or one or more faces of a 3D model (Fig. 3).  If required, you can change preselected profile(s) or face(s) you want to Pull from the Options toolbar. The Option toolbar(Fig. 4) can be activated by pressing the space bar or the keyboard icon near the mouse.

Switch from Linear to Angular Pull

When you launch Pull from the mini-toolbars of a workplane or a selected face, you'll choose from  Linear or Angular Pull (Fig. 5). Once Pull is launched, you can toggle between linear and angular using the Options toolbar (Fig. 6).

Automatic selection for Add - or Remove Material

Pull automatically detects whether material should be added or removed. However,  you can override the system's default behavior in the Options toolbar by using the pull-down menu at the left. Change the option from Automatic (Figs. 7 and 8) to Add Material (Fig. 9) or Remove Material.

Define Pull Direction or Pull Axis with the 3D CoPilot Diamond

The Options toolbar is not the only place you can change how Pull works. Notice a diamond at the origin of the 3D Copilot. The diamond is green when Pull is activated. However, you can click the diamond to change its color to red and put the command in definition mode.

In definition mode, you can modify the direction for Linear Pull or the position of the axis for Angular Pull. No further geometry is required! The axis does not have to be on the same surface as the pulled face. Figs. 10-12 show how to move the axis for Angular Pull.

Continous Pull operations with option Next

Next (Fig. 11) is another action available in the Options toolbar. With Next you can perform a sequence of Pull operations without leaving the command. In combination with other options, e.g., Linear / Angular Pull, modeling operations can be performed very effectively.

Additional Options

Look for these additional options in the mini-toolbars and in the Main Menu.