Creo 2.0 Minimum Hardware Specifications

Creo 2.0 Academic and Student Editions are only supported on certified 32-bit and 64-bit and Windows platforms.

Windows XP (Base OS Service Pack 1, 2, and 3)

  • Windows XP Professional Edition
  • Windows XP Professional x64 Edition (Base OS Service Pack 2)

Windows 7 (Base OS)

  • Windows 7 Professional Edition
  • Windows 7 Professional x64 Edition
  • Windows 7 Ultimate Edition
  • Windows 7 Ultimate x64 Edition
  • Windows 7 Enterprise Edition
  • Windows 7 Enterprise x64 Edition

Windows 8 (Base OS)

  • Windows 8 32-bit
  • Windows 8 64-bit
  • WIndows 8 Pro 32-bit
  • Windows 8 Pro 64-bit

Windows Server 2008 R2

  • Windows Server 2008 R2 64-bit Edition

The following specifications are the minimum requirements to successfully run this edition.

  • Main Memory –
    • Windows 8 64-bit : 4 GB
    • Windows 8 32-bit : 3 GB*
    • Windows 7 64-bit : 3 GB+ (4GB+ recommended)
    • Windows 7 32-bit : 3 GB*
    • Windows XP x64 (64-bit): 3 GB+ (4GB+ recommended)
    • Windows XP (32-bit) : 3 GB*
  • Internal Browser Support –
    • Microsoft Internet Explorer 9.0 (with M010 release and later)
    • Microsoft Internet Explorer 8.0
    • Microsoft Internet Explorer 7.0
    • Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0 (SP1 or later
    • Mozilla based browser (embedded with Creo 2.0)
  • Network - Microsoft TCP/IP, Ethernet network adapter
  • Monitor - 1280 X 1024 or higher resolution with 24-bit or higher color
  • File Systems - NTFS
  • Mouse - Microsoft approved 3-button mouse
  • Distribution Media - Downloadable installation executable or DVD

* Windows 32-bit operating systems can physically allocate only 3GB of RAM only if the /3GB switch is enabled. RAM greater than 3GB (if installed) will remain un-utilized.

Limitations of 32-bit Windows platforms

Due to inherit hardware memory limitations of 32-bit platforms, PTC will no longer offer technical support for "out of memory conditions" on 32-bit hardware for Creo 2.0 in cases where /3GB switch is utilized. Customers planning on upgrading to Creo 2.0 must carefully examine whether their current 32-bit hardware will be adequate for their large assembly needs and consider switching to 64-bit hardware.

Graphics Information

For 3D-hardware acceleration, an OpenGL graphics card must be used that has been tested in a PTC-certified configuration. To ensure the compatibility of a graphics driver with Creo 2.0, a PTC certified or supported hardware configuration is recommended. Graphics cards that support at least OpenGL 3.1 are recommended for Creo 2.0.

PTC recognizes that customers can benefit from using latest graphics driver and performance optimizations and improvements made by PTC’s Graphics Hardware Partners. With new workstations being continuously certified by PTC, the most current graphics drivers used in the certification process can now be re-applied to previously certified configurations, as long as the configuration belongs to the same combination of workstation and graphics hardware families.

For users of Direct3D on Windows 7, the March 2009 or later release of the DirectX 10.0 End User Run Time libraries must be installed. Additionally, Medium to High-End graphics cards that fully support Direct3D 10.0 are recommended for adequate performance. Visit the Microsoft website for more information about downloading and installing Direct3D.

Certified and Supported Graphics Cards

PTC provides Customer Support for all certified and supported graphics cards. Please note that graphics cards are part of a fully-certified or supported configuration (e.g. workstation model, operating system, graphics card, graphics card driver).  PTC does not certify or support graphic cards independently from the configurations in which they are certified or supported. Please refer to the official PTC Platform Support web page for specific hardware partners and available configurations.

Additional certified and supported workstation hardware information will be added to PTC Platform Support web page as our hardware partners complete certifications in preparation for production Creo 2.0 shipment.

For additional information on platform support details, please review the official PTC Hardware Notes