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Integration to Pro/ENGINEER Mechanica

You can now initiate the creation and update of a Mechanica analysis of a part or assembly from CoCreate Modeling.

Product Information

Product PTC Creo Elements/Direct Modeling
Product / Module PTC Creo Elements/Direct Modeling
Version 16.50
Product Functional Area Application Interfaces
User Interface Location Main Taskbar > Application Interfaces > Mechanica
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Benefits and Description

Within CoCreate Modeling the user is able to initiate the analysis of parts and assemblies invoking and using the full range of analysis capabilities of Pro/ENGINEER Mechanica and Pro/ENGINEER Advanced Mechanica .

The new capability provides easy access and transfer of parts and assemblies to Pro/ENGINEER Mechanica or Pro/ENGINEER Advanced Mechanica just by a button click in CoCreate Modeling. Associativity between the 3D model of CoCreate Modeling and Mechanica allows you to easily optimize iteratively your design in CoCreate Modeling. If the model is changed in CoCreate Modeling a simple update process allows to transfer the modified 3D model to Pro/ENGINEER Mechanica and to regenerate the previously defined analysis results.

Pro/ENGINEER Advanced Mechanica extends the capabilities of CoCreate FE Analysis.

Pro/ENGINEER Advanced Mechanica enables engineers to fully evaluate and optimize their designs, offering all key high end analysis capabilities, including nonlinear large displacement, pre-stress, dynamic, transient thermal analyses, and advanced materials behaviors such as hyper-elasticity, anisotropic, orthotropic, and composite laminates.


Integration to Pro/ENGINEER Mechanica
Integration to Pro/ENGINEER Mechanica