Enhancement Details

Component Chooser

Use dynamic preview and powerful selection tools to build component subsets within the Component Chooser. The Component Chooser is used to define simplified representations, envelopes, and shrinkwrap features.

Product Information

Product PTC Creo Parametric
Product / Module PTC Creo Parametric
Version Wildfire 5.0
Product Functional Area Assembly
User Interface Location  
Processes, Initiatives, and Best Practices Detailed Development

Benefits and Description

The Component Chooser consists of a structure tree and a window in which you can dynamically preview the assembly and quickly define component subsets. Preview does not require loading components into memory.

A new Derived status shows components with driven statuses. The derived status changes when the driving components status is changed. Check boxes indicate component and assembly statuses. An assembly with components of different statuses is mixed. If you select a mixed check box  you can reset statuses of components in that assembly.
In the structure tree you can set Components' statuses in the following ways:

To locate a component prior to setting its status, use one of these methods: