Enhancement Details

Workspace Frames

In combination with Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire 4.0 brings workspace frames capabilities to the Pro/ENGINEER-Windchill integration.

Product Information

Product Collaboration Solutions
PDM & Process Solutions
Product / Module PTC Pro/INTRALINK
PTC Windchill PDMLink
PTC Windchill ProjectLink
Version 9.1
Product Functional Area Windchill
User Interface Location  
Processes, Initiatives, and Best Practices Detailed Development

Benefits and Description

In the case where an unwanted change to the workspace content has backed a user into a corner, workspace frames allows a user to “undo” their mistake, including model changes that have previously been saved.  When the frames stack is enabled for Pro/ENGINEER, through a user preference, the workspace keeps track of the ongoing changes of the workspace content.  From the Event Manager the user is then able to apply an earlier frame to undo any mistakes and return the workspace to an earlier point in time.  Having frames enabled provides an additional safety net for your Pro/ENGINEER users.