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Thumbnail Navigator

The Thumbnail Navigator is a new, lightweight, graphical and exciting way of navigating and exploring product data (assemblies and CAD data) is added to Windchill 9.1. This tool will allow you to graphically navigate product structures and related data in a very efficient and fun way without loosing your context.

Product Information

Product Collaboration Solutions
PDM & Process Solutions
Product / Module PTC Arbortext Content Manager
PTC Windchill PDMLink
PTC Windchill ProjectLink
Version 9.1
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Benefits and Description

The Thumbnail Navigator is launchable from the Folder Browser and Search Results.  It will pop up when you hover over the mini thumbnail, which, itself, communicates so much more information than the pre-9.1 generic part (gear) and cad document (box) icons. 

The Thumbnail Navigator, which incorporates a ProductView plug-in, allows you to, among other things, do the following: