Enhancement Details

New Remove Feature

With the new Remove feature, you can remove surface geometry from models for downstream uses like structural analysis or casting creation.

Product Information

Product PTC Creo Parametric
Product / Module PTC Creo Parametric
Version Wildfire 4.0
Product Functional Area Part Modeling
User Interface LocationEdit > Remove
Processes, Initiatives, and Best Practices

Benefits and Description

The Remove feature is a new object-action only tool. When the surface geometry allows, it removes selected surfaces from a solid or surface quilt and reintersects adjacent surfaces to fill the resulting gap appropriately. The Remove features can replace import surfaces and parametric feature surfaces. Remove features appear in the Model Tree where you you can right-click for a shortcut menu for suppress, delete, or insert commands.

Remove surface is valuable for removing static geometry such as rounds from import features so these surfaces may be reapplied as parametric Pro/ENGINEER features. You can fill in holes and other machined features to quickly make cast parts or simplifications prior to structural analyses.

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