Enhancement Details

Bill of Material (BOM) Balloon Support for Flexible Components and Family Tables

You can now create BOM balloons for Flexible components, Bulk items, Included items, and family table top-generic instances.

Product Information

Product PTC Creo Parametric
Product / Module PTC Creo Parametric
Version Wildfire 4.0
Product Functional Area 2D Drawings
User Interface LocationTable > BOM Balloons > Create Balloon
Processes, Initiatives, and Best Practices

Benefits and Description

You can create BOM balloons for items that were previously in BOM tables but required manual creation of balloon notes. BOM balloons are automatically created for flexible components and family table top-generic items. Balloons for bulk and included items are created by record, and then you can manually placed them on any edge, surface, or entity in a drawing view.


BOM balloon improvements
BOM balloon improvements

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