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Annotation Orientation Definition

For any created 3D Annotation, the Active Orientation Annotation dialog box helps you to define the planar space, text direction, and viewing angle. You can also set the orientation by datum plane, flat surface, or named view.

Product Information

Product PTC Creo Parametric
Product / Module PTC Creo Parametric
Version Wildfire 4.0
Product Functional Area 3D Drawings
User Interface LocationView > Annotation Orientation
Processes, Initiatives, and Best Practices

Benefits and Description

You can quickly set the active annotation orientation to one of the following orientations:

When you click Reference plane or Named orientation, a grid appears in the graphics window, showing the viewing direction and text rotation.

Click Freeze Annotation Plane R\reference so that any created annotation is independent of the original annotation reference.


Definition of active annotation orientation
Definition of active annotation orientation

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