Enhancement Details

Corner Finishing Tool Path

You can automatically remove the remaining material in corners and valleys with the Corner Finishing tool path.

Product Information

Product PTC Creo Parametric
Product / Module PTC Creo Prismatic and Multi-surface Milling Extension
Version Wildfire 4.0
Product Functional Area Manufacturing (NC, Expert Machinist)
User Interface LocationMachining > NC Sequence > Corner Finishing
Processes, Initiatives, and Best Practices

Benefits and Description

A performing, slope-based tool path simplifies the finishing of cornerx and valleys in parts. With Corner Finishing tool path, the system computes corner areas that cannot be reached by a reference tool and a stock allowance. You can use slope-based strategies to finish these detected surface areas. Additionally, you can control the size of the remaining area by minimum and maximum parameter for the remaining area depth, by a maximum corner-angle parameter, and surface extension parameter as defined by an offset value.

Shallow area scans include:

Steep area scan include:

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