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Internal Context Replication

In PTC Windchill 10.2, replication packages allow a one-directional exchange of select product design data from one internal Windchill system to another internal Windchill system.

Product Information

Product PDM & Process Solutions
PTC Windchill
Product / Module PTC Windchill PDMLink
Version 10.2
Datecode F000
Product Functional Area Packages
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Benefits and Description

Replication packages allow users to collaborate across multiple internal Windchill systems. Replication packages can ease the administrative burden of maintaining data across multiple internal Windchill installations.

Unlike other package types that gather related objects based on collection criteria, a replication package is used to gather all data from one or more products or libraries. The replication package content includes more detailed internal information about objects that is suitable for use within the same company. After locking the package, creating a delivery, and exporting a ZIP file of the package contents, the data can be imported into another internal Windchill system using the Received Delivery Management utility. After they are imported into the target Windchill system, objects are available for view and limited use by users, as controlled by an administrative lock.