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Alias and Calculated Attribute Display Enhancements

In Windchill 10.1 M040, alias and calculated attributes can now be displayed on information pages, on create and edit windows, and in custom table views.

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Version 10.1
Datecode M040
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Benefits and Description

Table Columns, Information Pages, and Create and Edit Windows

Alias and calculated attributes can now appear on table columns, information pages, and create and edit windows.

For more information, see Specialized Administration > Tailoring Business Objects > Type and Attribute Management > Managing Types > Type Information Page > Layouts Tab> Editing Attribute Layouts in the Windchill Help Center.

Note: If an attribute affecting a calculated attribute is modified in an edit window, the calculated attribute value is not updated until the edit is complete.

Column Headers in Tables

Alias and calculated attributes are now available in the Set Column Display step of the New View window, so they can appear as column headers in tables.

For more information, see the following topics in the Windchill Help Center:

For an example, see Displaying Alias Attribute Information for a Workflow Primary Business Object on the My Tasks Table section under Basic Administration > Managing Data > Reference > Site > Best Practices in the Windchill Help Center.


Alias and calculated attributes are now in Available Columns