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Set License Options Through the User Interface

Set CADprocess (3D Extension) license options in Startup preferences (Edit > Preferences > Startup) or the IsoDraw Startup dialog box.

Product Information

Product Author
Product / Module PTC Arbortext IsoDraw
Version 7.3
Product Functional Area 2D Drawings
3D Drawings
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Benefits and Description

If you select Choose license options at startup in Startup preferences (default), the IsoDraw Startup dialog box opens when you start Arbortext IsoDraw.


You could previously only set license options through the command line.

You can choose whether or not to load the CADprocess (3D Extension) license on startup in Startup preferences or the IsoDraw Startup dialog box. If you choose not to load it, Arbortext IsoDraw Foundation starts instead.

You can also specify a license server location in the IsoDraw Startup dialog box. Your entry overrides the license server location specified in the PTC_D_LICENSE_FILE environment variable.

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