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New Arbortext IsoDraw File .idr Extension

Save Arbortext IsoDraw 7.3 files with the .idr extension to distinguish them from disc image (*.iso) files.

Product Information

Product Author
Product / Module PTC Arbortext IsoDraw
Version 7.3
Product Functional Area 2D Drawings
3D Drawings
User Interface Location  
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Benefits and Description

The default extension for new Arbortext IsoDraw files is .idr. However, if you open an existing ISO or CGM file, Arbortext IsoDraw saves it with the .iso or .cgm extension by default. You can save a copy of an ISO or CGM file as an IDR file with no loss of data or compatibility.

When you run the Arbortext IsoDraw installer, if you select Associate *.iso extension on the Select Features page, Windows associates ISO (*.iso) files with Arbortext IsoDraw instead of disc images. Then you can open Arbortext IsoDraw ISO files from Windows Explorer directly.