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Table Charting

With Windchill 10.1, users will have the ability to summarize tabular data into charts and graphs. This capability will be available from the Report Builder results table.

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Product / Module PTC Arbortext Content Manager
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Version 10.1
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Benefits and Description

An icon is available to click to create charts or graphs of the data that is displayed in the table.  You will be able to select what data series to use for the x- and y-axes.  You will also be able to select the chart type to generate.  You also have several formatting options similar to what is available in Microsoft Excel. The system is smart enough to know what chart types are applicable to the data types you select. 

For more information, refer to the Windchill Help Center:


Specialized Administration > Analyzing System and Business Information > Reports and Queries > About Charting


Table Charting
Table Charting
Table Charting
Table Charting

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