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Windchill Mobile

With Windchill 10.1, you will be able to access Windchill on mobile devices such as iPhone and iPad via targeted (i.e. native-looking) applications, or you may be able to use the full Windchill desktop, with few limitations, on mobile devices with a Webkit-based browser.

Product Information

Product PDM & Process Solutions
Product / Module PTC Windchill PDMLink
Version 10.1
Product Functional Area Usability
User Interface Location  
Processes, Initiatives, and Best Practices

Benefits and Description

For those users on the move and want access to PDMLink data from anywhere and anytime, Windchill 10.1 will allow them to access Windchill via streamlined Mobile apps or via a browser from Mobile devices.

The initial release of the Windchill Mobile Apps will allow users to:

The above will be available from Apple’s App Store.  Initially, Mobile apps will be supported on iPad and iPhone, and with  Android device support coming soon.

Users can also get access to the full Windchill version through web browsers available on the Mobile devices.  This will make the full Windchill version available on iPads, iPhones, Android phones, Android tablets, and Blackberry devices.  However, some limitations will exist, among them:

For more information, refer to the Windchill Help Center:


Specialized User > Windchill Mobile App


Mobile Apps - iPad Screen Shot
Mobile Apps - iPad Screen Shot
Mobile Apps - iPhone Screen Shot