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System Error Reporting

Windchill 10.1 includes new system error reporting capabilities to make it easier for a user to forward an error report and associated data to site administrators. The forwarded data makes it easier for an administrator to find log entries that will assist the debugging process. In addition, the site administrator can configure Windchill to prevent users from being exposed to stack traces when an error is reported. The initial areas of impact are Workflow and the overall default error handler. In future releases, the capabilities will be available more broadly.

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Product / Module PTC Pro/INTRALINK
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Version 10.1
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Benefits and Description

Windchill user can easily forward error report to site administrators:

Windchill site administrators can more easily find log record entries directly related to a reported error:

Site administrator can configure the Windchill system to prevent users from seeing stack traces when an error is reported:

For more information, refer to the Windchill Help Center:


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