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EU Battery Directive Compliance Support

Windchill Product Analytics now enables manufacturers to assess product compliance with the EU Battery Directive. Additionally, companies can automate the collection and validation of supplier data necessary for compliance with global battery regulations.

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Benefits and Description

The EU Battery Directive affects all manufacturers who sell products containing batteries in the European Union. Its objective is to improve environmental performance by regulating the use of certain substances in the manufacture of batteries e.g., lead, lead-acid, mercury, cadmium, etc., and setting standards for the waste management of these batteries. Failure to comply with obligations under the Battery Directive is a criminal offense which is punishable by fines, forced product recalls, and public announcement of environmental infractions.

Windchill Product Analytics helps manufacturers ensure compliance with the EU Battery Directive with the release of a new specification in Windchill Compliance. The specification enables companies to grade parts, assemblies and products against the regulation while taking into account the applicable exemptions and restrictions. The specification also enables manufacturers to generate reports based on industry standards to demonstrate compliance to auditors and customers. Additionally, Windchill Materials & Substances includes enhanced data acquisition capabilities to enable the tracking and classification of battery categories, in addition to the weight, chemistry, and material content.

Key features and benefits include:


Review EU Battery Directive compliance statuses
Review EU Battery Directive compliance statuses
Search for batteries
Search for batteries
Mark a part as a battery
Mark a part as a battery

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