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Windchill Business Reporting

Business Reporting is a reporting framework that uses industry leading Cognos 8.4 Business Intelligence to increase information visibility and access for business decision makers and to help reduce reporting costs by providing users with the capability to quickly develop and distribute robust reports using your Windchill data.

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Product / Module PTC Arbortext Content Manager
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Version 10.0
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Benefits and Description

There are a number of exciting new features for reporting in Windchill10.0.

The most noticeable additions have been to the Reporting Infrastructure capability. You, as users, have asked for enhancements to QueryBuilder and other underlying reporting infrastructure and we have delivered the following with Windchill10.0:

In addition, there are enhancements to the Windchill Business Reporting (Cognos) framework. The most notable of these enhancements relates to Import/Export of Cognos based reports which simplifies moving a report across systems (for example, from developemnt to testing to production). With Windchill10.0, you do not need to worry about exporting all of the Info*Engine tasks or QueryBuilder queries (with their dependencies) and relevant Cognos based report specification. Similarly, importing a report zip file updates the QueryBuilder queries and Info*Engine tasks, as well as the Cognos model and report specification.

Other improvements include:


Windchill Business Reporting