Enhancement Details

Project Planning and Execution

Windchill ProjectLink 10.0 provides more advanced planning capabilities to create robust and detailed project plans, resulting in improved interactions with Microsoft Project.

Product Information

Product Collaboration Solutions
PTC Windchill
Product / Module PTC Windchill ProjectLink
Version 10.0
Product Functional Area Project Management and Execution
Project Plans
User Interface Location 
Processes, Initiatives, and Best Practices Design & Manufacturing Outsourcing

Benefits and Description

Windchill ProjectLink 10.0 continues to provide core capability for project planning and execution.  ProjectLink Enhance Project Planning capability released with 9.1 M030 provided customers with better tools for detailed project management and better compatibility with Microsoft Project  and has become the default for project plan creation and execution with this release. However, based on your project template selection you will still be able to create and execute project plans using the “classic” Windchill ProjectLink scheduling approach.

Key capabilities of Windchill Projectlink 10.0 include the ability to:

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