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CAD Adapters for WWGM

Windchill 10.0 introduces several enhancements to the Workgroup Managers for SolidWorks, NX, Autodesk Inventor and AutoCAD. These include enhancements to data import/export, the support for CAD document Soft Types and improved template and drawing support. In addition, specific functional improvements have been made to SolidWorks which include support for SolidWorks Toolbox, Virtual Components and Exclude from BOM.

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PTC Windchill Workgroup Manager for AutoCAD
PTC Windchill Workgroup Manager for Autodesk Inventor
PTC Windchill Workgroup Manager for NX
PTC Windchill Workgroup Manager for SolidWorks
Version 10.0
Product Functional Area Windchill
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