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Improved User Interaction in Sheet Metal Design

You can now create sheet metal parts more easily.

Product Information

Product PTC Creo Elements/Direct Modeling
Product / Module PTC Creo Elements/Direct Sheet Metal
Version 17.0
Product Functional Area Sheet Metal Design
User Interface LocationMain Task Bar > Model Sheet, Modify Sheet
Processes, Initiatives, and Best Practices

Benefits and Description

Creo Elements/Direct Sheet Metal now allows you to create and modify sheet metal parts more easily and efficiently with support of command mini toolbars. The proposed commands and defaults of the command mini toolbars are optimized for the sheet metal design process.  For tool creation like punch and stamp, now you get full 2D CoPilot support for positioning these tools in a plane. Relative positions can be specified easily with dimension style feedback and editable values for data entry. As a result, the usage of additional construction geometry can be drastically reduced. A workplane is no longer required for positioning, since the 2D CoPilot allows referencing any planar face.  The same support is also available for Move Feature

With Creo Elements/Direct 17.0 the creation and modification of sheet metal parts is now much easier and faster than ever before.


Sheet Metal Design improvements
Sheet Metal Design improvements
Sheet Metal Design improvements
Sheet Metal Design improvements

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