Enhancement Details

Windchill Outlook Integration

Windchill Desktop Integration now supports Microsoft Outlook 2007 to enable creation and update of Windchill Meetings as well as check in emails or attachments as Windchill documents.

Product Information

Product Collaboration Solutions
PDM & Process Solutions
Product / Module PTC Arbortext Content Manager
PTC Windchill PDMLink
PTC Windchill ProjectLink
Version 9.1
Product Functional Area Document Management
Project Management and Execution
Structured Content Management
User Interface Location  
Processes, Initiatives, and Best Practices Design & Manufacturing Outsourcing
Detailed Development

Benefits and Description

Windchill Desktop Integration now supports new capabilities with Microsoft Outlook 2007.  These capabilities include enhancements to meeting management and document management.

Windchill Meetings

It is now possible to create and update ProjectLink meetings through Outlook. You can add a Windchill component to a meeting created in Microsoft Outlook.  You can select the Windchill context, search for and include objects that you want to discuss in the meeting, and select invitees for the meeting by selecting individual Windchill users or team roles.  This makes it easy to include all the relevant stakeholders in the meeting without having to remember who’s playing what role in your project.  The Microsoft Outlook meeting is updated with all the relevant information from Windchill, and when the meeting invitation is sent, Windchill is updated to record the impending meeting. 

Document Management

With the Microsoft Outlook integration, Windchill users can quickly and easily take incoming email or attachments and check them into Windchill as part of the product record.  The whole email or one or more of an email’s attachments, can be checked in as new documents in a Windchill context of the user’s choosing.