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Agreement-Based Access Control

Windchill 9.1 M010 introduced Agreement-Based Access Control, which can facilitate compliance with export control requirements or help enforce corporate information sharing agreements.

Product Information

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Version 9.1
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Benefits and Description

Agreement-based access control provides an additional layer of security on top of existing Windchill access control mechanisms.  This is an easy way for companies to set up the advanced access control required to comply with export control regulations, such as ITAR, or to enforce corporate information sharing agreements, such as Nondisclosure Agreements.

This new capability makes it possible to define standard or company-specific labels that can be applied to objects to represent the sensitivity of their information, (for example Unrestricted or Company Proprietary.) Groups of users can be defined that will not be restricted based on the label value, (for example employees in the Legal department might not be restricted by the Company Proprietary label.) Other users can be granted access by creating agreement objects which represent real-world contractual agreements and apply to specific business objects and principles.