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Windchill Visualization Services (WVS) and Creo View Interoperability

WVS in Windchill 10.1 includes a number of improvements in the control of publishing operations. The performance of loading 3D models into Creo View from Windchill is significantly improved through the use of local file caching on the user's computer.

Product Information

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Version 10.1
Product Functional Area Visualization
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Benefits and Description

Performance improvements:

Creo View 2.0, when working with Windchill, now provides a local cache for .ol (geometry) files, providing significant improvements in load time for subsequent re-use of the files. This applies to both the Visualization Tab and Creo View. This caching should also provide benefits in reduced Windchill and network loading.

Usability improvements:

Security improvements:

The Windchill/Creo View CAD and Interference workers support forms-based authentication provided elsewhere in Windchill 10.1.

Interference Management Services and CAD Publishing improvements:

For more information, refer to the Windchill Help Center:


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