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Enhancement Details

Replace Manikin Enhancement

In WF4 we implemented the ability for the user to easily replace a manikin in a Pro/ENGINEER with any other manikins for the manikin population library. During this replacement, all existing snapshots (task constraints) were preserved an reapplied automatically on the new manikin. (Only the internal IK behavior were not preserved). In WF5 we implemented an enhancement where the replacement preserved also the current IK Behaviors of the manikin (Ex trunk Flexibility).

Product Information

Product PTC Creo Parametric
Product / Module PTC Creo Parametric
Version Wildfire 4.0
Product Functional Area Digital Human Modeling
User Interface Location In the Tree, select the manikin asm and RMB select replace
Processes, Initiatives, and Best Practices

Benefits and Description

When you built a new design/product or workstation, you rarely create your design for only one person.  You are ususally aiming to accommodate a much larger audience.  For example you might want your product to be used in different countries and you know human caractheristic are different in each location.  but how much different? "Replace manikin" offers the ability to explore, test and validate this body difference efficiently.

A great advange of this function is the fact that you need to create the scene/ task only once and then you validate the task using multiple manikins.  During the replace,  all information of each tasks ( reach here, look there, put your hand on the control, etc)  are preserved inside snapshots.  Then these informaitons are reapplied automatically on the new manikin.   So you can easily validate now if a smaller manikin can still reach the control or if a taller manikin has an equivalent vision obscuration. 

In the first implementation, the Internal Ik behavior of the manikin, ( trunk flexibility, custom lock of specific DOF of manikin segment) were not preserved.  The new manikin had a free flexibility so we could be sure that he would be able to perform the task as well but not inthe same condition.  Now in WF5,  we preserved these manikin information in the snapshot as well therefore the comparison between manikin perfroming the same task is a lot more consistent.   For exemple, if we simulate a tall manikin sitting in an aircraft all strapped in with safety belt on the torso and performing a reach, then the reaplce function enhancement will have the new manikininto the exact same conditions.


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