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  • Display tapered threads in drawings according to different standards
    Correct Display of Tapered Threads in Drawings
    Simplified drawing representation of new tapered threads according to the ANSI, ISO, and JIS drawing standards is available.
  • Improved conversion to draft entities
    Improved Conversion to Draft Entities
    Model edges more efficiently convert to multiple draft types such as Draft lines, Draft arcs, Draft splines, and Draft ellipses.
  • New draft datum capabilities
    Draft Datum Improvements
    You can create parametric draft datums using the Vertex or On Entity options. The leader and elbow segments of a set datum tag are independently controlled and adjustable.
  • Active layer improvements
    Updates to Active Layers
    Objects maintain their active layer status as you navigate between open windows. When a layer is activated, layers with the same name are activated in any submodels.
  • Create surface finish extension lines
    Extension Lines for Symbols Attached to Draft Entities
    You can drag a symbol or surface finish off a straight draft entity or straight model curve, and create extension lines.
  • Superscripted symmetric tolerance display
    Superscripted Symmetric Tolerance Display
    You can set symmetric tolerances to appear superscripted from the nominal dimension value.
  • Significant zero digits
    Setting the Display of Significant Digits
    The detail setup option, dim_trail_zero_max_places, sets the number of decimal places when trailing zeroes are used to reach the number of decimal places set by configuration option default_dec_places.
  • Offset Notes to Reference Points and Axes
    You can create an offset note referencing datum points and axes in a drawing. You can create Hole table callouts that are either offset or on-axis, and remain offset during geometry modifications.
  • Create limited visibility unfolded section views
    Allow Limited Visibility in Unfolded Views
    You can set the visible area of an unfolded view to Full view, Half view, Partial view, or Broken view. You can convert any broken view back to a full view.
  • Shortcut to layer commands
    Shortcut to Layer Commands
    The following layer commands are removed from the Visibility menu (View > Visibility) and relocated under Layer in the Layer tree: Isolate, Hidden Line, Copy Status From, and Drawing Dependent.
  • Crossection improvements
    Improvements to Crosshatches in Drawings
    Crosshatches in drawings have greater flexibility. You can use the same workflow for controlling section attributes for 2D sketches and 2D sections. You can also control the visibility of entire sections, components, or component areas. You can hatch or fill flat surfaces. You can control hidden-line removal (HLR) for surface and 2D section crosshatches, and you can control default visibility of crosshatches for 2D and 3D sections.
  • Datum Tag Placement in Drawings
    Tag placement for set datums attached to Geometric Tolerances (GTOLs) is controlled by where you click on the GTOL to place the tag.
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