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  • Compliance statuses generated by InSight Environmental Compliance being displayed within Windchill PDMLink
    Windchill InSight Integration
    Windchill PDMLink and InSight Environmental Compliance can now be integrated with the Windchill InSight Integration module. This module allows for the synchronization of critical data to determine the compliance of products and parts.
  • Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire 5.0 Compatibility
    The release of Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire 5.0 and its compatibility with Windchill 9.1 provides productivity improvements beneficial to the Pro/ENGINEER user working in an integral environment, including embedded browser options on the Windows platform, tabbed browsing, accessible Windchill table views, and support for attributes with units.
  • Windchill Outlook Integration
    Windchill Desktop Integration now supports Microsoft Outlook 2007 to enable creation and update of Windchill Meetings as well as check in emails or attachments as Windchill documents.
  • Mathcad Files in Windchill
    9.1 Windchill Workgroup Manager for Mathcad
    The workgroup manager for Mathcad is available with Windchill 9.1 M010. It requires Mathcad 14 M030 or later and enables Mathcad users to manage their Mathcad Worksheets in Windchill.
  • 9.1 New Relationship Report
    The relationship report accessible from a CAD documents property page allows a user to view all its related objects and their types of relationships, for a given configuration.
  • 9.1 Support for Pro/ENGINEER Manikin
    Windchill 9.1 will introduce data management support for the new Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire 4.0 Pro/ENGINEER Manikin module data.
  • Enhanced checkout of non-latest
    An additional preference option has been added to enhance the checkout non-latest iterations, allowing for a user to configure whether to be prompted with a warning message when checking-out a non-latest version.
  • Revising from non-Latest
    A new preference is introduced in 9.1 allowing for users to revise a non-latest revision. CAD Doc versioning improvements such as revise from earlier revision, combined revise & checkout.
  • Workspace Frames
    In combination with Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire 4.0 brings workspace frames capabilities to the Pro/ENGINEER-Windchill integration.
  • Windchill I-deas
    Windchill Gateway for I-deas TDM
    Windchill 9.1 introduces support for the I-deas Gateway for Windchill PDMLink. This provides I-deas users with the ability to publish data stored in the TDM library to the Windchill environment. Leveraging this capability exposes TDM data to the enterprise, and integrates the I-deas TDM environment with the product lifecycle management capabilities of Windchill.
  • Windchill Workgroup Manager for CADDS 5
    9.1 M020 Delivering the Power and Benefits of Windchill to the CADDS 5 Environment
    Designers can perform everyday design tasks in their familiar MCAD environment while using Windchill to manage CADDS 5 data throughout its lifecycle.
  • 9.1 M010 Windchill Workgroup Manager for AutoCAD is now compatible with AutoCAD Electrical
    With the release of 9.1 M010, Windchill Workgroup Manager can be used with AutoCAD Electrical.
  • Optegra Gateway Support
    Windchill 9.1 introduces support for the Optegra Gateway on the Windchill PDMLink platform. This provides Optegra users with the ability to publish data stored in the Optegra to the Windchill environment. Hence leveraging data stored in Optegra to wider organization, and integrating the Optegra environment with the powerful PLM capabilities of Windchill.
  • Enhancements for Managing Product Structures - Part Type Management
    In this release, Windchill PDMLink provides enhanced support for organizing and managing their product structure. With these new capabilities, companies will be able to easily define and manage several aspects of a product architecture at a Windchill system level.
  • Support for ProductView ECAD Compare and ProductView Validate
    The ProductView ECAD Compare and ProductView Validate applications are now interoperable with Windchill PDMLink and Windchill ProjectLink.
  • Workgroup Manager for ECAD Usability Improvements and Support for Zuken CR5000
    A number of usability improvements have been made to the Workgroup Manager for ECAD.
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