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  • Real-time and realistic feedback
    3D Modification with Real-time and Realistic Feedback
    When modifying a 3D Model you can now visualize the change in real-time with realistic visualization of the model.
  • Pull Command
    Pull Command
    With the new Pull command you now have one operation that combines Extrude, Mill, Turn, Bore, and Linear and Angular Lift commands into a single command.
  • Extended Pattern
    Extended Pattern Capabilities
    You can now create patterns with additional new face set feature types.
  • Enhanced Realism
    Enhanced Realism
    You can now work in a realistic environment with real-time rendering.
  • Stretch Faces
    Stretch Faces
    You can now move (stretch) faces of a part, maintaining their original boundaries.
  • Stepped Hole
    Stepped Hole
    You can now create a set of machining features of type blind hole and through hole in series in one part.