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  • PTC System Monitor 2.1 Monitoring of Windchill 9.1, 10.0, and 10.1
    The PTC System Monitor 2.1 release includes improvements in installation, property management, system profiles, and base functionality capabilities.
  • CAD Data Management and CAD Driven Product Structures
    Windchill 10.0 introduces several improvements to CAD data management with the primary focus on relating CAD data to part and product structures. Most notable improvements include increased flexibility when creating product structures from CAD and the introduction of enterprise top down design capabilities, allowing product structure edits to be pushed back into CAD.
  • Windchill Document Management
    Document Management and Desktop Integration
    Windchill 10.0 brings some major enhancements to the usability of Windchill document management. In addition to streamlining the HTML user interface, Windchill 10.0 desktop integration dramatically improves and simplifies the creation and editing of Microsoft Office documents. A newly introduced extension to Windchill Desktop Integration allows users to view Windchill folders and interact with Windchill documents as a natural extension to their file system in the Windows explorer.
  • ECAD Demo
    Windchill Workgroup Manager for ECAD
    The ECAD Workgroup Managers now use the common Windchill Workgroup Manager framework used by other Workgroup Managers.
  • Change Notice
    Change Management
    Change management in Windchill PDMLink 10.0 has been enhanced in several key areas, including improved flexibility in creating and sequencing change tasks, new and improved change reports, abilities to create problem reports and variances in projects, and updates to disposition capabilities.
  • Product and Project Interoperability
    Windchill ProjectLink 10.0 facilitates concurrent and design outsourcing in a collaborative environment.
  • Windchill RequirementsLink
    Requirements Traceability
    Windchill RequirementsLink 10.0 continues to enhance core capabilities released with 9.1 M030 and introduces new features for improved productivity and user experience.
  • Component Properties Window
    CAD Adapters for WWGM
    Windchill 10.0 introduces several enhancements to the Workgroup Managers for SolidWorks, NX, Autodesk Inventor and AutoCAD. These include enhancements to data import/export, the support for CAD document Soft Types and improved template and drawing support. In addition, specific functional improvements have been made to SolidWorks which include support for SolidWorks Toolbox, Virtual Components and Exclude from BOM.