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  • Performing Set State on Multiple Items
    Windchill 10.1 M040 provides the ability to perform Set State on many items at once in a product, library, or project.
  • NX Reuse Library Integration with Windchill
    The NX Reuse Library can be configured with Windchill using the Windchill virtual file system in the same way it can be configured as a read-only area on the local file system with native NX. The Windchill virtual file system provides the same experience to NX users who use the NX Reuse Library across the enterprise, while allowing the information to be managed in Windchill.
  • PTC Windchill PDM Essentials
    In Windchill 10.1 M030, PTC Windchill PDM Essentials is a new preconfigured and packaged solution designed for rapid, small deployments by customers with basic PDM and MCAD data management needs.
  • Theorem CATIA V5 CADVerter Capability Matrix and Windchill Compatibility
    In Windchill 10.1 M030, the Creo View Adapters Support Matrix includes two new sections with information about the Theorem CATIA V5 CADverter Capabilities and the compatibility with Windchill.
  • Model ID (SysID) Support in Windchill Workgroup Manager for Creo Elements/Direct Modeling
    Windchill Workgroup Manager for Creo Elements/Direct Modeling now provides Model ID awareness, uniqueness checks, and conflict resolution options in Windchill 10.1 M010 and Creo Elements/Direct Modeling 18.1 M010.