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K’NEX Street Mods 1:24th Scale Models

K’NEX Street Mods 1:24th Scale Models


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PTC Creo Parametric

Build realistic looking street racers that move utilizing the new micro-sized K'NEX parts with stylized automotive parts.

I was able to create the two unique body styles in 16 hours as compared to the original larger scale design which took over 40 hours to create. Although this is a significant time saving, the cost if we had to have a model shop create the design of the parts would have added thousands to the development costs. Avoiding the need to develop the two new body styles from scratch cut our development time by more than half.

There are a lot of cars in the toy market both in the construction and non-construction categories. To set our product off from the rest of the genre we used the new scale K’NEX parts for the framework and inner workings of the car and designed the car's body parts in a unique yet realistic look that blends together both form and function. This gives the user a fun building experience with over 165 parts which results in a cool looking yet functional toy car.

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