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Manual gearbox

Manual gearbox


Team Members:
Skoda Auto Gearbox Development department in collaboration with Volkswagen and partner companies.


Czech Republic


PTC Product(s):
PTC Creo Parametric
PTC Windchill

Automobile manual gearbox with maximum transmitted torque of 200Nm. It is designed in 4 basic variants as 5 or 6 speed and with 2 different axial distances of input and output shafts. Each variant has various combinations of gears which depend on the model of the car and engine. At the present a few tens of versions of this gearbox are produced.

Wholly fundamental benefit is the fact that all variants of entire product are contained in just one top assembly. Thanks to the fact that actual data for all variants is provided at once at any time and the number of drawings of top assembly decreased by 75%. This documentation is at the same time very well-arranged thanks to placement of all variants on one drawing. That relates to a 60% time savings, which results from revolting or outstanding simplification of verifications of the recency of data of particular variants after performed changes from top assembly up to individual models and drawings.

All four basic variants of the gearbox, including of all combinations of several gears are covered by only one top assembly. For this new subassemblies were created, including instances. To the particular models were implemented all their variants. For example gears whose shapes, numbers and angles of teeth changed according to choosen transmission ratio. With the help of skeleton and family table technologies it is possible to choose tangible transmission layout. Designers are working on specific version which always arises from common actual data. Therefore, one common drawing could be created that reflects all configurations at once.

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