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Articulated 4-Wheel Drive Tractor

Articulated 4-Wheel Drive Tractor


Team Members:
Darin Motz, Program Manager; Primary Pro/ENGINEER Designers include: Gary Johnson, Tim Murray, Ryan Honnette, Cody Franzen, Ben Board, Alan Gustafson, Chad Petersen, Shawn Entriken, James Hamil, Eric Helmke, Ethan Thurmer


United States

Heavy Equipment

PTC Product(s):
PTC Creo Parametric

The Challenger MT900B series articulated four-wheel drive agricultural tractor is currently the highest horsepower tractor of its class offered by any major tractor manufacturer. Four models offer from 430 to 570 gross engine horsepower.

Pro/ENGINEER has helped AGCO Corp to get this product to market with an estimated savings over a million dollars in Engineering budget, as compared to dollars spent previously using other outdated 2D/3D systems.

The Challenger MT900B series represents maximum value and productivity for farmers worldwide. Features include a 400-gallon fuel tank and excellent visibility for the operator, especially to rear implements. This tractor will use many of the same field proven developments common to the MT800B series rubber tracked tractors, such as: engine and transmission systems, Auto-Guide systems, on-board diagnostics, productivity and efficiency readouts for the operator, and first class controls and cab environment.

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